image Swedish Christmas Market

[151206] Sigtuna Julmarknad

If you are in Scandinavia, one thing you shouldn’t miss in December is a visit to one of Sweden’s traditional Christmas markets or “Julmarknad” in Swedish. This year I visited a Christmas market located in Sigtuna, the oldest town in Sweden. The market took place at Stora Gatan, a road lined with fairytale wooden houses. Unique handmade Christmas decorations, knitted wool sweaters and mittens, woodcrafts, and candies in every colour and shape were sold by sweet smiling people and children from their stalls. And of course, all sorts of Swedish food with their smells wafting through the air. Hotdogs or “varmkorv”, wild pig meat in bread, cheese, jam, salami, and well, everything! After much deliberation, my final choice for lunch landed on herring steak or “stekt strömming” on knäckebröd (Swedish crackers) which came in a generous portion for only 45kr and was unforgettably delicious. It was not that cold that Sunday to be honest, but since I was in a Christmas market and it was windy, so having mulled wine or “glögg” is a definite must. Moreover, it comes with ginger cookies or “pepparkakor” too. Did I mention you could get it for just 10kr? That is seriously cheap for a Swedish price. And kids, you can meet Santa himself and tell him your wishes! We caught him walking around collecting letters and sitting in a living room at the tourist office (lol). Too bad snow hasn’t come yet this year. If you’re looking for a traditional Christmas-y feel while shopping and eating awesome stuff, then Sigtuna Julmarknad is definitely worth a visit!

Sigtuna Town Hall



Stora Gatan in Christmas decorations



Candy Girls ❤


Santa is in town!




mulled wine (glögg) and pepparkakor 🙂


stekt strömming 🙂



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